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We are pleased to announce that we now have many (English only) members and you are welcome to join our club. You will find all the important information below and our contact form at the end if you have any further questions.


Team training

The right group for young current team players or those interested in becoming one in the near future. There is a mixture of free play and guided training.



Monday 7pm to 8.30pm Rückertgym

Wednesday 6.30pm to 8pm Graf-Recke-gym

Team training

The right group for adult current team players or those interested in becoming one in the near future. There is a mixture of free play and guided training.



Monday 8pm to 10pm Rückertgym

Wednesday 8pm to 10pm Graf-Recke-gym


The right group for children and teenagers who want to try badminton for the first time or who already have some previous experience.
There is a mixture of free play and guided training.


Monday 6pm to 7.30pm Rückertgym

Currently fully busy but feel free to reach out and get on our waiting list.


The right group for adult hobby players and beginners. Only free play takes place, but tips and tricks are gladly exchanged among each other.



Monday 7pm to 8.30pm Group 1 Graf-Recke-gym

Monday 8.30pm to 10pm Group 2 Graf-Recke-gym

Friday 8pm to 10pm Graf-Recke-gym

Currently fully busy but feel free to reach out and get on our waiting list.



Graf-Recke-Str. 170

40237 Düsseldorf-Grafenberg

Public transportation:

U72 or Bus 733 to Graf-Recke-Str.

Bus 834 to Clara-Viebig-Str.


Rückertstr. 6

40470 Düsseldorf-Rath

Public transportation:

S6, U71 and 701 to Rath-Mitte

Bus 776 to Rückertstr.


"Can I join trial training?"
Feel free to write us a message if you are interested in a first training. After consulting with us, you are welcome to join us directly at the next training session.
"What do I need to bring to the first practice?"
In addition to your sports clothes and indoor sports shoes, bring a badminton racket and feel free to bring your own balls. For children and teenagers: We have balls and rental rackets on site for you.
"Does training take place during school holidays?"
During school and public holidays, children and youth training is suspended. For the adults the training takes place partially. You will receive all information in time by e-mail and you will find the latest news here on our website.
"How much is the membership fee and how can I sign up?"
The membership fee depends on your age and is a maximum of 12€ per month. You can find all the information in our membership application at the bottom of the website. After a trial training you can fill out the application and send it to
"How can I deregister from the club?"
It's a pity that you want to quit! You can send your notice to You can resign with one month's notice on March 31 and September 30. 


For all other questions regarding our club, training, membership or everything else please feel free to write us using this form:

Thank you for your message.



The first badminton club in Düsseldorf

The club was founded in the same place where the ice hockey team 'DEG Metro Stars' once took to the ice: the stadium on Brehmstraße. More than a half century ago - in the summer of 1952 - two PE teachers rented a court there and began teaching badminton to some local teens. As a result of this casual meeting, the Badminton Club Düsseldorf (BCD), the first club of its kind in the city, was born.

Some 'memorable' playing conditions...

Eckart Paatsch, 1959 German champion, remembers the courts fondly: "The ice stadium was very open and boards were lying on the ground to protect the cooling pipes." But there were gaps, more than a finger thick, between the boards which disturbed the wind. Dieter Schramm, Paatsch's former doubles partner adds: "You simply had no chance against a headwind." But it didn't get much easier when we switched to the indoor traning hall on the trade fair grounds for the winter season. Ute Melchers (pictured here), eight-time German youth champion adds: "It was normally so cold that you needed to play with gloves on!"


To Scandinavia by bus

The trips abroad which the BCD team used to take together bring back special memories. Taking a Beetle or VW Bus, the then most successful team in German traveled to tournaments in Scandinavia. "Hubert Brohl would sit, smoking in the front seat, filling the whole car with smoke!" remembers Schramm with a laugh. Hubert Brohl is the founder of our club, long-time president of the German Badminton Association and the European Badminton Union (pictured here).

The club today

There is no longer a focus on a special performance group as there was after the founding in 1952. However, the club is constantly growing and currently has 3 senior teams and one youth team competing in league and tournaments.

The youth work wants to make a small contribution to the personality development with the help of the sport - and of course to keep a healthy perspective for the club.

We regularly organize club championships, training camps for the youth players, get together at barbecues or at the end of the season - and the Christmas party at the Düsseldorf "Hirschchen" has become legendary!

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